this is me

My name is Sylvia, I am married to Rob and together we have 2 grown up daughters, Joyce and Debbie. We live in Alphen aan den Rijn, a town near Amsterdam. I like a lot of different hobbies, first of all scrapbooking and more specific the vintage/shabby chique style on 12x12 inch. I started scrapbooking in 2005 and have been addicted ever since. My favorite go-to brand is Maja Design. Further more I love to travel, together with my husband and/or our children. We have been to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Beijing (China), South-Africa, Egypt, Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Florida, New York City, Route 66 (USA), Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey, Tunesia, Borneo, Australia, Canada, Jordan, Iceland, Finnish Lapland and numerous places and countries in  Europe (e.g. London, Paris, Berlin, Antwerp, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Athens, Venice,Milano, Sweden, Rumenia, Portugal, Austria, Greece).  In September/October of 2011 I went on a 7-week trip to Australia together with our daughter Joyce. Canada has been visited in May 2013. Kenya and Tanzania have been visited early 2014 with my whole family. We have driven Route 66 all the way from the start in Chicago (IL) to the finish in Santa Monica (CA) in 2015 and our next vacation will go to Peru (November 2016)
I would love to visit Moskow, St. Petersburg, Mexico, Nepal, Cuba, Rwanda, Uganda, Vietnam, Cambodja, Japan, China and Singapore one day, but then I'll have to live to be a hundred (at the least), stay healty and win the lottery to accomplish all these dreams. LOL! My bucketlist is neverending, but a girl has to have dreams, don't you think?
Also I love to sing, I have been  a member in a musical choir for 15 years and they perform several times a year. I also love to attend musicals with our daughter Joyce.
My pets are cats, at the moment we have 2 Secret Birmans, a red one called Tequila (male) and a grey one  called Puffy (female).
You can find me on Facebook ( and Pinterest (, where I find most of my inspiration.